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12 Different Minerals:Unlike our competition’s generators that are basically single function devices,our generators allow the choice of 1 to 13 different levels of constant current and frequency for 12 different metals through the use of a multi-position switch. We supply a variety of electrodes of 11metals/minerals at varying sizes. Our generators will produce colloidal Silver, colloidal Gold, colloidal Magnesium, colloidal Zinc, colloidal Iron, colloidal Tin, colloidal Copper, colloidal Titanium, colloidal Platinum, colloidal Palladium. (On the left picture of Biosilverstreamgen’s CSN2-12 colloidal generator) Size Matters:Biosilverstreangen generators uses LARGE area electrodes, our 6″ x 8″ industrial electrodes are the largest in the industry. Our generators can employ different size electrodes not only of Silver but many other metals and essential minerals. In our opinion and experience only large area electrodes are capable of creating particles that are less than 8 nanometres in size, this is absolutely necessary for the colloidal silver to be effective against very small viruses and bacteria. (Pictured on the left Biophysica’s 6″ x 2″ silver electrodes) Size Matters: In our opinion using silver wires or thin silver rods will overdrive them (electrodes) with excessive electric current and will inevitably produce large particles and ions which will yield reduced, or no benefit at all. If these particles are too large they may actually harm your health.. Multiple Channels: Our generators can be configured as one channel, two, four and six channels to give the user the ability to produce up to six separate colloidal metal batches simultaneously. For example our CS4-12 is capable of turning out either four times the amount of colloidal silver of a single channel generator or four separate simultaneous batches of colloidal Silver, colloidal Gold, colloidal Zinc and colloidal Iron, colloidal magnesium. Our systems employ a powerful motor-driven stirrer which maintains acid-base balance. A Neodymium magnetized stirrer produces a vortex which creates structured water thought to enhance metabolism and cellular membranes.(Pictured on the left is Biosilverstreamgen,s external channel stirrer plate for a second channel of a colloidal generation in conjunction with a 2-channel Biosilverstreamgen generator, a pair of silver electrodes, magnetic stirrer, and attachment cable. Constant current: Biosilverstreamgen constant current technology which prevents overdriving the electrodes even with highly conductive water, thus ensuring smallest particles under all circumstances. Alternating reverse polarity Self-Cleaning combined with constant current gives less oxide and ion formation and allows for a more concentrated water. Switch on the front panel is for user to choose between alternating polarity constant current or non-alternating constant current for using only one Gold or Platinum electrode.Multi-position switch allows choice of 1 to 12 different levels of constant current and frequency for 12 different metals Our unique pulsed modulated broad spectrum high frequency waveform gives smaller nanometre particles than un-pulsed DC and vibrates the silver atoms thus preventing them from agglomerating into larger particles. This feature contributes to the very high Zeta Potential (ZP) of our small nanoparticles. ZP is the measure of quality of a colloid and is well described on Wikepedia Our electrodes are 0.9999 (99.99%) pure precious solid sheet metal (not jeweler’s grade) large area plug-in solid sheet electrodes (not thin wires or rods).Our Nebulizer gives you fast and efficient way of delivering colloidal Silver to your blood stream via the lungs/respiratory system. Together with one of our generators it forms our very own “Lung Delivery System”. Few other manufacturers have independent lab and TEM reports on quality and ppm. Nanoparticle size must be within the range of 1 to 10 nanometers to pass the blood-brain barrier and to be effective against small vicious viruses, spirochaetes, fungus, chlamydia that have been incubating for decades, not only in the Brain but also in other essential organs. Reference “Emerging evidence links bacterial or viral infection with the neuropathology of Alzheimer’s disease” Reference This is why we need to be taking our daily requirement of colloidal silver. Electrode Area: We recommend large area electrodes and advise against using wires or thin rods due to their small surface areas which overdrives the electrodes with excessive electric current and produces large particles and ions which may cause Argyria. The total surface area of a Biosilverstreamgen 2” x 6” electrode is 24 sq. in. on each side per electrode in contrast to the total surface area of a 6 gauge rod (0.162” diameter) or the total surface area of a 10 gauge wire (0.1” diameter), 6” long which is 1.8 sq in.
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