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We are responsible for the highest quality colloidal generators in theworld. We make colloidal waters of many essential minerals. When you think,“Colloidal water or generators”, you should think Biosilverstreamgen.

Biosilverstreamgen’s professional generators are the most advanced versatile and feature-packed in the industry. They not only make Silver, but also make multiple other essential colloidal minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Gold, PlatinumTin, Iron etc. We believe that the colloidal form is the most bio- absorbable (absorbed by the body when ingested) form of dietary nutritional supplement.

Colloidal Silver Generators

Our Colloidal Silver generators have been subjected to independent lab tests and proven to have the smallest, most effective nanoparticles (below 10 nanometres) and the strongest Zeta Potential electrical charge (60 mv) to neutralize viruses and bacteria. Being able to make your own colloidal silver  (and other colloidal solutions) at home provides freedom, control over concentration & dose, prevention and self–treatment.

Biosilverstreamgen offers the widest range of models size from single channel domestic to the largest industrial colloidal generators for bottling plants.

Your self-produced Colloidal Silver (and other colloidal minerals/metals) can be taken by drinking, spraying on skin, eyes, ears, nostrils, and inhaling via the lungs / respiratory system into the bloodstream and brain (using our nebulizer). Some clinics have even been administering CS water intravenously in very grave, life-saving ICU situations.

Tens of thousands of people (and their pets) use colloidal solutions every day, living healthier, they very rarely get sick and experience no side effects.

As the efficacy of antibiotics diminishes, professionally prepared Colloidal Silver remains a consistent antibiotic agent that has no side effects and doesn’t lose its efficacy over time.

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with Colloidal Silver, its numerous uses and health benefits, other colloidal minerals and their associated health benefits and our range of products that are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality colloidal solutions for years to come.

At Biosilverstreamgen, we take pride in the quality of our products and in our customer service, pre and post purchase. Our colloidal generators are guaranteed for five years. We would love to be a part of you and your family’s comprehensive natural health solution.

Biosilverstreamgen colloidal generators produce clusters of metal atoms in elemental form (nanoparticles), not as single atoms called ions (ionic silver). Free single metal ions have a positive ionic charge which is neutralised during combination with other ions, such hydrochloric acid in the stomach, to form inert compounds that have minimal charge or antimicrobial potency, such as Sodium Chloride. Our elemental nanoparticles on the other hand, are the basis of a high quality colloidal suspension, by being repelled by each other’s charge and never combining chemically with each other or with body tissues.

Each nanoparticle has a powerful negative Zeta electrical charge (up to 0.1 volt), due to the summation and combination of the elemental atoms forming it’s positive core. Each nanoparticle has a membrane (dielectric double layer) which separates the positive core from the negative surface, thus forming a capacitor capable of storing considerable energy. This stored energy, measured in Coulombs, can be suddenly released in less than a nanosecond unleashing a pulse of great power. Since power is the rate of change of energy, then the peak power of this short pulse can reach very high values, perhaps in the mega-watts as in a strobe lamp or railgun, capable of inflicting much damage to oppositely charged surfaces, such as a virus or Coronavirus spike.

Our ultra-small nanoparticle size also results in a greater ratio of surface area to volume, resulting in a more powerful Zeta Potential on each nanoparticle, with ours being the highest in our industry (up to 0.1 volts). That is why even with a low concentration of 20 ppm (parts per million), ours is still much more effective than brands that contain up to 500 ppm, but with little Zeta Potential up to 20 millivolts versus ours at 100 millivolts. For example our recent lab report shows that the most widely sold competitor CS has a ZP of only 20 mv and large particle size over 20 nm, thus incapable of passing the blood-brain barrier.

Colloidal silver and zinc can support a healthy immune system and combat external threats. colloidal silver’s efficiency in combating external threats is mostly dependent on the size, shape and electrical charge of the silver nanoparticles. The smaller the particle size, the higher the efficiency and the greater the surface area the particles can reach. Like the beam of a laser gun, all of the stored energy is focussed on one small 2 nanometre spot and rapidly discharged on the surface or spike of a virus or microbe. As many of you depend on our products for health and wellness, we have been working constantly and intensively to improve our already state of the art technology to create even better products for our loyal customers worldwide.

We have incorporated in our new line of Professional Colloidal Silver Generators many technical and physical improvements to help with faster, more efficient production of Colloidal Minerals.

Our Professional Colloidal Silver Generators are capable of delivering electrical current through a wide range of soft and hard waters ranging from non-conductive pharmaceutical grade, distilled, Reverse Osmosis filtered water and also through more conductive waters such as well-water, ground, spring, rain waters. This higher voltage technology is capable of overcoming the limitations of extremely electrically resistant water (Ohm’s law (V=IR)) which can present a challenge in the ionization process and production of colloidal silver and other Nano minerals.

Please contact us directly, 7 days per week, 8am to 9pm EST with any questions or if you are interested in a custom package, different size electrodes or individual components.

At the heart of every Biosilverstreamgen Colloidal Generator is a constant current regulator control which ensures smallest nanoparticle size down to monoatomic by delivering a controlled constant current regardless of water conductivity. Another feature is alternating polarity which prevents oxide from building up at a fast rate.

Another is stirrer to keep the silver atoms moving in the process. Another is high frequency modulation to ensure smallest nanoparticles.

Our electrodes have large surface area (up to 72 square inches per electrode) which guarantees smallest particle size (lab tested and confirmed to be less than 10 nanometres), as well as high Zeta Potential. Our generators are unique as they accommodate not only silver but multiple essential metals/minerals other than Silver such as Gold. Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Tin, Platinum, and Palladium.

Colloidal Silver, with small particles (less than 10 nanometres), is much more effective in fighting and eliminating the smallest vicious microorganisms and viruses that cause brain disorders. Silver wires or rods (which naturally have small surface area) that are used in most CS generators in the market result in the release of much larger nano particles which are proven ineffective in fighting these tiny microorganisms which penetrate into many organs including the Brain causing Alzheimers.

In order to fight and eliminate microorganisms such as viruses in our system, the silver nano particles need to be smaller than the intended targets which can be as small as a few nanometres.

On this page you will be able to purchase Biosilverstreamgen’s domestic colloidal generators.

Domestic means, creating a modest amount of colloidal waters such as colloidal silver and other colloidal minerals/metals such as, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, gold and more, in the privacy and the comfort of your home.

The volume of colloidal water you produce will suffice for your family needs whether used Preventively on a regular basis or in larger quantities when unwell.

The volume produced will vary depending on initial water conductivity, electrode size, your settings and electrode distance from each other, for the highest quality results the process will take longer but no longer than a few days for a few gallons. Again the math here is simple, we like our colloidal silver at 50 parts per million, for 25 parts per million run the process for half the time.

Our base model the CS1-45-DOMESTIC has been configured and optimized for the production of not only the production of silver but also for the production of the complete range of colloidal minerals/metals available such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, gold, etc. Many growers are now using this model for feminizing seeds.

Model number.

Domestic models are powered by 12 volts DC from supplied wall adapter or car battery, or solar panel. Magnetic stirrer is included with DOM.

Current Range Output from each channel in milliamperes (mA). More current gives faster results & more volumes. # of channels. All generators have built-in digital meter to display current passing through electrodes into the water Generator only price in USD.
Listed in order of current output level in milliamperes.


price for each

in USD

2” x 4” = $150
2” x 6” = $210
6” x 6” = $500
6” x 8” = $700
6” x 12” = $1100

Domestic Generators

Description Image Price


For silver and all other metals

Current: 6-45ma
Wattage:4.5 w
Domestic, one channel for two 2” x 6” electrodes

One channel, For silver and all other metals. Professional generator for making Colloidal Silver. Contains two receptacles for electrodes. Stirring is done by a magnetic stirrer.

Purchase professional one channel only for $1200 USD.

2”x6” electrode $210 each.



Purchase generator only for
$1200.00 USD2 Electrodes are extra.Total for generator and electrodes =$1620 USD
For silver and all other metalsVoltage:60-100v
Current: 6-50ma
Domestic, two channel for four 2” x 6” electrodes

Two channels allow you to use different metals to be processed in two separate containers, each of up to 8 litres. For silver and all other metals. Professional generator for making Colloidal Silver. Stirring is done by a magnetic stirrer.

Purchase professional 2 channel generator only for $1850 USD.

2”x6” electrodes $210 each.



Purchase generator only for
4 Electrodes are extra.Total for generator and electrodes =$2690 USD

A Domestic Colloidal Generator can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to produce colloidal solutions at home. To order click to purchase directly from our online store

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Phone us at 289-464-0114 or 1-877-315-4823

Colloidal Copper Generator

We can provide plate electrodes of silver, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, titanium, niobium, tin, carbon, gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, molybdenum, chromium, steel, zirconium, tungsten. Colloidal Copper Water Generators are becoming increasingly popular for their potential health benefits and ease of use.

Semiconductors such as germanium, silicon, selenium are available as semiconductor diodes and not in electrode form.

Download our user instructions document as instructions.pdf

IMPORTANT NEW PUBLICATION:  Comparative Analysis of Commercial Colloidal Silver Products. “The results of this evaluation show clearly that 10 of 14 of the most popular colloidal silver products purchased from Amazon were evaluated and found to contain only ionic silver. Despite the evidence showing that silver nanoparticles are not present, eight of these products are promoted by the manufacturers as “colloidal silver”.

Considering the extensive scientific research showing major differences between silver ionic and silver nanoparticles in terms of mechanisms of action, efficacy and safety, it is clear that this misrepresentation impacts the consumers and must be addressed”.

Int J Nanomedicine. 2020; 15: 10425–10434. Published online 2020 Dec 22 Download at

Our generators produce colloidal Silver, colloidal Gold, colloidal Magnesium, colloidal Zinc, colloidal Iron, colloidal Tin, colloidal Copper, colloidal Titanium, colloidal Platinum, colloidal Palladium. Electrodes of Iridium and Rhodium may be available on special order.

You will need a pair of the same electrodes for the production of most colloidal waters except for Gold and Platinum, those can be produced with a single precious metal electrode and one grounding electrode such as silver. Please click for our range of electrodes.

Biosilverstreamgen’s Colloidal copper generators can have one to six simultaneous separate channels. Each channel makes colloidal waters of 12 different metals.

Our one and two channel professional generators can be ordered as a silver only model (CS1-1, CS2-1) or a CS-12 multiple metal model.

All of our generators have:

  1. Powerful 12 volt motor-driven stirrer maintains acid-base balance and creates a mixing of silver atoms to produce structured water.
  2. Constant current feedback control prevents overdriving the electrodes even with highly conductive water, thus insuring smallest nanoparticles less than 10 NM.
  3. Alternating reverse polarity gives less oxide and ion formation and allows for higher quality and more concentrated water. A switch is provided on the front panel for user to choose between alternating polarity or non-alternating for using only one Gold or Platinum electrode (paired with one grounding electrode such as silver) rather than two similar electrodes.
  4. Multi-position switch allows choice of 1 to 12 different levels of constant current and frequency for 12 different metals.
  5. Pulsed modulated broad spectrum high frequency waveform gives smaller nanometre particles than unpulsed DC and vibrates the silver atoms thus preventing them from agglomerating into larger particles.
  6. Frequencies have been chosen to contain Rife, Schumann, the reference frequency of 432 Hz, 528Hz and frequencies specific for the Pineal and Pituitary. See Live H2O.
  7. All of our electrodes are 0.9999 (99.99%) pure precious solid sheet metal (not jeweler’s grade). These are larger area plug-in solid sheet electrodes (not thin wires or rods).
  8. Powered by 12 volt internationally approved wall adapter for any country. No dangerous line voltages enter our generators. Battery adapter or Solar Energy panel are optional. We purchase all of our power supplies from the top manufacturers. They have the following international regulatory safety approvals suitable for all countries: UL, CUL, CE, TUV, and CSA.

All of our generators can be powered from Solar Cells, hand-crank dynamo or automobile battery.


Regular plastic stirrer.
A magnetized stirrer.
A zapper Output for connection to skin or hand-held electrodes.
432Hz and 528Hz can also be added to the generators.
An output connector for voltage and current output to monitor electrical conductivity of water as an approximate measure of ppm (using any multi-meter.
Multimeter Cost = $180.00 USD

Can be added to any of our professional domestic or commercial colloidal generators.

To order click to purchase directly from our online store

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Phone us at 289-464-0114 or 1-877-315-4823

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