Commercial colloidal generators are used to produce colloidal copper and silver. A colloidal solution consists of tiny silver/copper particles suspended in purified water. Commercial colloidal water generators are used in various industries including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, commercial colloidal water generators are used to produce colloidal silver or gold (used in supplements).  

Benefits of Commercial Colloidal Generators

Colloidal solutions produced using commercial colloidal zinc and water generators are known for their stability and uniformity. They usually have higher efficacy than their non-colloidal counterparts as the smaller particle size in colloidal solutions increases the surface area, improving the reactivity and bioavailability of the suspended particles. 

Colloidal solutions are highly stable and free from contaminants; the end product is more effective and has a longer shelf life. A commercial colloidal generator can be used to mass-produce colloidal solutions to reduce production costs. Some commercial colloidal generators allow users to control the concentration of particles and particle size, so the end product can be tailored to the intended application. 

How to Choose the Right Colloidal Generator for Your Business?

Not all commercial colloidal zinc and water generators are created equal and some may be more capable than others. You cannot choose just any colloidal generator for your business. Consider the type of colloidal solution you want to produce and then look for a generator that can meet your specific needs. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a commercial colloidal generator for your business. 

Quality of Colloids

Look for a generator capable of producing stable colloids with uniform particle size. Because smaller copper/silver particles have a larger surface area, they may be more bioactive than larger particles. 

Material and Build Quality

Make sure the electrodes of the commercial colloidal generator you are considering are made of stainless steel or any other durable material. Sturdy electrodes can improve the efficiency of a commercial colloidal generator and increase its lifespan. Before buying a generator, make sure it has replaceable electrodes. 

Ease of use

Choose a user-friendly generator. Some generators come equipped with advanced features that automate stirring and timing. Check usage instructions and make sure you understand them before buying a generator. 

Safety Features

Consider commercial colloidal generators with built-in safety features including auto-shutoff, temperature control, and overcurrent protection. Look for generators with non-conductive casings designed to prevent electrocution. 

Some Other Features to Consider 

Top-of-the-line commercial colloidal generators come with integrated timers that allow operators to control the duration of electrolysis. Some systems have built-in features designed to monitor the condition of electrodes and alert users when replacements are needed. They also come with LED indicators that help users monitor the generation process. 

Purity of Water

The quality of water in a colloidal solution can impact the effectiveness of the final product. Invest in a colloidal generator that utilizes distilled or ionized water. Make sure the system has built-in sensors that monitor water quality and alert users if it detects any impurities that can affect the safety and effectiveness of the final product. 


Look for a generator that allows you to adjust the voltage to control particle size and concentration. 

Manufacturer’s Reputation

To check a manufacturer’s reputation, go to their social media sites and see what people are talking about them. Read reviews from other users and try to understand product warranties offered by the manufacturer. Check product specifications and make sure the manufacturer offers after-sales service. 

Compliance and Certifications

Check generators to make sure they meet quality standards and regulatory requirements set by regulatory bodies. Look for a commercial colloidal generator certified by a reputable industry body. 

Price and Value

Price is one of the most important factors when selecting a commercial colloidal generator. The price of generators can vary depending on features and capabilities. While price is an important factor to consider, do not look for the cheapest generator, and select a value-for-money commercial colloidal generator.    

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