Colloidal Silver for Pets/Animals

Benefits and Safety:

Colloidal silver is a wonderful holistic pet care immune system booster –It can it be used  for a number of different immune issues and just to possibly keep  low lying pathogens out of the system. Can be used for respiratory issues as well like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia using a nebulizer.

Since colloidal silver is an all-around pathogen fighter, it can be used to treat all kinds of common conditions and infections in your pet including: ear infections, cuts and scrapes, rashes, yeast infections, and eye conditions.

It has been said to be much more effective at stopping, preventing and treating diseases in your dog or cat, than some of the harsh medicines that a vet would prescribe to your pet, in some situations. Colloidal silver is an all-around natural immune builder – possibly helpful for bacterial, yeast/fungal and viruses of all types. It is the best supplement for pets to have on hand for any disease.

The consumption of colloidal silver by pets/animals has been found to be beneficial to their health. Colloidal silver can be used in the treatment of diseases in pets/animals both internally and externally with excellent results and no side effects.

Apply Colloidal Silver topically for skin problems. May be helpful for almost any kind of skin infection including ringworm, cuts, bites, wounds and even burns. CS helps to repair tissue damage and soothes the skin.

Bacteria that has become immune to antibiotics has no immunity to colloidal silver studies have shown.  CS is easily absorbed by the body. Biosilverstreamgen  Professional Colloidal silver Genarators makes colloidal  silver nano particles which are suspended and made so small that they can pass through skin membranes.

Studies have shown that colloidal silver works by killing the enzyme that metabolizes oxygen in bacteria, viruses and fungi. When these toxins are deprived of oxygen, they suffocate and die. Colloidal Silver only has this effect on pathogenic cells, leaving healthy cells alone. Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

Colloidal silver is a one-stop solution against a wide range of infections in pets including dogs and cats. It acts as a natural antibiotic but also displays antiviral and antifungal properties. It is reportedly found to be effective against more than 650 different types of pathogens, including mold. Its usage is a proven way to send germs packing. Hence, adding colloidal silver to your pet’s diet can work wonders to boost its immunity. The colloidal liquid can also be given to pets like rabbits, birds, horses, goat, ferrets, and even tortoises.

Colloidal silver does not have a strong odor and has been found not to be harmful to an animal’s fur. Bacterial, viral or fungal topical/skin conditions may be treated with colloidal silver. It can be administered through the pet’s food or water, or even applied to the skin or fur a few times a day.

Topical application:
A few colloidal silver drops in the ears or eyes of your pet can clear infections. Used topically it can remove warts or other skin irregularities and may be sprayed directly onto cuts to prevent infections and promote healthy growth tissue.

Internal application:
Colloidal silver is also used in the treatment of digestive disorders, parasites and yeast infections in pets. Enhancing your pet’s drinking water with a few millilitres of colloidal silver can help to defend against pathogens and maintain a higher immunity.

Dogs and Cats:

  • A few drops of colloidal liquid in the eye or ear can be helpful to get rid of conjunctivitis and ear infections in cats and dogs.
  • Soaking a toothbrush in this colloidal liquid and then using it to clean teeth can also help to treat dental infections in pets.
  • Dogs suffering from a respiratory tract infection or a terrible stomach infection may require a teaspoon or two of the product to be added in their water bowl.
  • There also have been reports of colloidal silver benefiting dogs suffering from arthritis. In some cases, regularly feeding the product has made arthritic dogs active like healthy dogs.
  • In dogs, colloidal silver has been known to be effective against the canine parvo virus and according to pet owners, it has saved lives. In cats, colloidal silver can help to treat feline urinary disorders, including Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Conventional veterinary treatments may fail because they issue antibiotic treatments which cannot stop viral infections.

Colloidal Silver/ Ionic Silver – Yes, For Dogs
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