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Electrodes Cross – Bar 12 inches

Laser light pen

Electrodes Cross – Bar 20 inches

Laser light pen

Tap/faucet for bucket, with washers, nut

Different laser light pens

Small submersible pump for circulating water

Different laser light pens

Pump 110/220vac to 12vdc Adj

Laser light pen

Cable for Commercial Electrodes 5.6’ long

Best hand probe

Conductivity Hanna PWT meter

Best hand probe

Test Load 1K ohms

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Conductivity meter, Nebulizer, Bucket, lid and hole for tap, Tap-faucet for bucket, Pump 110v AC or 12v DC, Magnet to restructure water, Cross-bar 24 inch long, Cable for electrodes, Test load of 1k ohms, Adapter cable to use Silvergen PRO machines with our large elect


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Laser light pen

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Laser light pen


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Laser light pen


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